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about df webdesign
I’ve got loads of experience talking with business owners over the past few years while working for Shopify. During our interactions I would - get to know them, learn about their business, troubleshoot alongside them, and show them how to do the thing they were reaching out about. I’d also see if I could find any wins for them while having some business growth conversations.
I will be doing something very similar here with you - the difference being that I can now actually do the work for you instead of just showing you what to do. I get to know you during a call and then when your site is ready to go, I teach you using zoom where I can share my screen.
Some quick benefits to having an online presence with a website:
  • people can find you using search engines
  • you will have a link that you can refer people to via your social media platform(s)
  • you can make it nice and easy for your customers to find products they like and pay you using a credit card or paypal
  • customers can create an account for quick easy checkout
  • you can set up click and collect / click and deliver
  • you automatically gather shipping information during the checkout process
  • with Shopify, you get a free app which helps you manage your store&orders
  • this apps makes a satisfying "Cha-Ching!" sound when you make a sale


Need a website? Book in with me here and we'll get started on working on it together.