What exactly is Shopify and how can you use it for your business?

Basically Shopify is an online platform that allows you to build a customer facing website so your customers can continue to purchase from you, and it also provides an admin section where you can manage things like orders, product details and how the customer facing website looks. Oh, and you can also manage things like getting paid, and shipping details!


Here's a great guide that goes through all the steps to get started! 

--> Build a "Buy Online, PickUp Curbsite" Store <--

Massive thank you to @katiecerar (<find her on twitter here) for putting this together! 


I also made a quick video talking through how my website looks on the front end and also within the admin. I hope you find it useful if you have never seen the admin of a Shopify store before. If you would like to continue delivering your products and have me build up your website for you, do let me know HERE. 


What do your customers need from you, and how you are going to give it to them. 


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